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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

American Girl Find & Wicked Faerie Queen Blog Giveaway


My Twinn

Poseable Body

Lavender Eyes


My Dolls
This past weekend was a wonderful weekend to garage sale. The weather was really nice and there was endless sales to go to. I love going with my husband, he makes it so much fun. Plus who likes going alone? When he isnt off I have to go alone and im not as motivated.We went to this one sale and this guy had a huge garage full of vintage stuff. It was grossly overpriced and I was scared to even ask the prices of the items that were not tagged. I immediately saw this American Girl doll with the short blonde hair named Kit but I knew something had to be wrong for her to still be there. I asked him how much for the one with the lavender eyes, called a My Twinn doll and he said I could have her and the Kit doll for fifty dollars for both of them. Well I knew it was really a good price but this is a garage sale. He was trying to tell me that the American Girl doll was porcelain and she had glass eyes, lol! I was like, no way she is plastic guy! And she has a couple of bite marks on her hands. I talked him down to 15 dollars a piece and I think I got a good deal of both of them. The My Twinn doll is fully poseable and she is just adorable. She is also just as expensive as an American Girl doll. I kept the Kit doll but my husband says I needed to at least put the My Twinn on Ebay so she is on there but if she doesnt sell she is mine! Lol. He bought me this Samantha doll off Ebay for fifty dollars, she was listed wrong so he got a good deal on her too. I also have in the group photo American Girl doll Nikki and a Gotz doll in braids with the cutest pouty face youve ever seen! The one in the bed is an American Girl doll called a Bitty Baby. I told you about her in my last post, got her at a sale for a quarter. I also found a Lenci doll for twenty five dollars. If you dont know what a Lenci doll is you can look them up on Ebay . They are made in Italy back in the 30's and very very expensive. They do remake them but mine was a vintage one and I listed her on Ebay because this isnt the type of doll I collect plus she is already bringing 90 dollars right now! I wanted to tell you that another blogger Wicked Faerie Queen is having a giveaway so jump over to her blog to see what she has. Here is her link Its a very good read with alot of variety on there. Well I have to get busy around here, I hope you have a blessed day and again go look up my friend on her blog, you will like the read I promise!

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  1. I have got to go with you on your buying adventures some find the most wonderful things. Thank you so much for my Raggedy doll. She is wonderful...bless your heart!