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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Late Birthday Post And Some Other Things

Katy With Her First Doll When She Was One
Old Rusty Wagon Full Of Books
Jar Of Fresh Honey & Grandmaws Egg Platter
Dollhouse Before Painting
Repainted Dollhouse Shelf
A Late Happy 17th birthday to my middle child Katy! Her Birthday was Friday the 20th. God im getting old! I now have a 16, 17 & 18 year old! Soon they will all fly the coop, then what will I do? That outfit that the doll is wearing is what Katy wore when she came home from the hospital. You can tell she is very excited about me making her pose with her doll lol! On another note I am a cross stitcher and I have alot of hardcover cross stitch books. I dont have enough bookshelf room for them so what I did is put them into a old rusty wagon my husband brought home one day. I thought to myself, what in the world will I do with that piece of junk? Well I saw on pintrest that someone did this and I couldnt get that rusty old wagon in this house from sitting out in the weather fast enough! lol! My daughter came home from school the other day with a jar of honey she purchased from one of the teachers. I was so excited! I had to take a picture of it, I dont know why! The egg platter was my grandmothers. I only display it, it has a hen on top of it. The reason why I havent posted in a day or two is because I had purchased a lovely wood dollhouse shelf at an auction for 25.00. The roof was green and it was white with stains on it. You noticed I said was.... The shelf is about 4 foot tall. I painted the roof a matte black and the pink is called fairytale pink. I will post more photos when I get it put in my room filled with dolls. Let me know what you think. Is it too gaudy? I respect all of your opinions and I ty so much for listening to me get things off my chest. May the Lord give you a blessing.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

More About Me & My Family

John Boy & Mary Ellen Look At John Boys Mole! Love It!
Grandpaw & Grandmaw
Olivia & John
The Waltons Dolls Bought At Garage Sale $2.00 For All Of Them
Pumpkin From The Goodwill Yesterday .59 Cents
Breyer horses On Top Shelf I Have A Buffalo And Bull,  Pigs Also!
I Put My Mini Cross Stitch Stuff In It
Goodwill Find Yesterday .79 Cents
Large Raggedy 10.00 Note Dogs Hiney In Photo
Raggedy Ann Pillow .79 Cents
My Newest Boyd Holding Her Lil Raggedy
My Bookshelf With My Amish Books And Christian Books
Boyds Bears With Their Raggedy's
Good afternoon! I am just sitting here thinking ive noticed how much in common I have with most of my followers. Down to the cross stitching, dolls, prim stuff, etc. Well I said I do have many collections. I also have a Boyds Bear collection, I am picky about what ones I bring home though. If I bought every Boyd I saw at a sale we would be in trouble. The ones I really like are the ones holding  Raggedys, or have the gingham look to them. I do have several large ones that are so cute as well. I also like to read Beverly Lewis books or Wanda Brunsetter books. Any Amish stories I love and I like Amish things and very interested in that culture. I like to read christian books as well and I like Beth Moore and other woman christian speakers as well. I go to a Baptist church but I was raised Assembly Of God. I try not to label myself as anything but a follower of Jesus Christ and I go by the Bible not by religious ways that do not pretain to the Bible. I feel I had to say this because I just jumped onto blogging making you guys think all I do is garage sale and hoard but thats not the case. I teach prek and k Wed evening church class and my 16 year old daughter helps me. I am very much a loner, I dont really know if its by choice but I do not have friends come over, not by choice either. I do talk to other ladies at church and I am a social person but I just do what I have to everyday and go on to the next. Me and my husband have been married for 17 years and he is a truck driver. He is home everyday and I am so glad for this. My oldest son is 18 and he is going to school for nursing, my daughter will be 17 tomorrow and she is into theater and band, and my youngest child is 16 and he is a very kind hearted boy that isnt like most kids his age and is a loner like me! I live in East Texas in a old frame house that has vinyl siding on it but it doesnt help trust me! Our house is very cold in the winter and it isnt too bad in the summer. Sometimes when I open the cabinets in the kitchen to get a pot or pan out I can feel the wind blowing under there! All of the back rooms stay pretty cold but we have electric blankets and things to keep us warm. I am just grateful I have a roof over my head so this doesnt bother me to bad cause it could be worse! One day maybe God will bless us to move to the country, this is our hope. My house isnt super clean but it is tidy enough, I used to be a clean freak but gave up when the kids turned into teenagers. I am 38 years old and I do stay at home, I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 7 years ago, this is caused from psoriasis. I got this in my early 20's. Right now I have a severe outbreak because I had to quit taking my medication due to my liver levels or something to that effect. I like to hunt and fish with my husband and boy does he like the garage sales like me! I am blessed in this part I should say! I like to watch the Waltons and Andy Griffith, shows like that. I feel like I am in a older womans body sometimes because I get along alot better with older women. Well, I think ive covered as much as im comfortable without telling you my blood type n such LOL! I think I said it before but i like Raggedy Ann! I also had a Strawberry Shortcake collection as a child but our house burned down and I lost all of my toys. I do have a small collection of them that I will post one day. My great grandfather had some Breyer horses that he had when I was a kid. He died and the family gave them to my brother, he never cared for them and threw them in a closet. One day I saw them and asked my grandmother could I have them and she said yes so when I come across a Breyer at a sale I get it. I like to sew as well and Ive made doll clothes and Raggedys, I will show you a picture another day. Well The Waltons are coming on so see you later alligator!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Dreary Day And A Good Movie

Sweet Primitive Angel Candle Box .59 Cents
Backside Of Candle Box. Its Marked Primitives By Kathy.
Old Hazel Atlas Mason Jar .79 Cents
Old Birthday Candles In A Jar $1.00
Blue Delft Holland Houses $5.00
Wire Hangers Of Various Types
Prim Wreath That I Made
Cute Prim Candle Holders, Note The Rusty Stars
Raggedy Ann says Goodbye Friends! Cookie Jar $5.00
Well Im back, so sorry I didnt make a post yesterday but it was my husbands day off and he took me out to eat and we just rode around together. Of course I hit the Goodwill and a couple of other places but I didnt find anything. Ive tried to get picky with what I buy but when I do this and end up not buying anything for awhile I go into complete, as my aunt calls it, DESPERATION MODE! The first sale I hit, if I havent been in a week, I just buy buy buy!  When I get home and see what I bought I think, what in the world was I thinking! Do you know what I do with my unwanted things? Well , most of the time I put them into a box and throw it into my dads garage and in the summertime I have a huge yard sale! Sometimes I can even mark the item up a few cents or even dollars and make money off of it that way. But first I either try to put it in my booth to sale or on Ebay.  If that doesnt work to the garage it goes! Today is a overcast day, and no this doesnt bother me, as a matter if fact I like it overcast. I am watching the North and South series with Patrick Swazey, if you havent seen it its very long but very good. I want to share with you this cute prim angel wooden box. I put a Yankee candle inside of it and it looks very very cute. I got this at the Goodwill about a month ago for .59 cents. Last week I found this large nice Hazel Atlas Mason jar in the Goodwill buggy for .79 cents. It was filled with pine cones and potpourri but it was not very good smelling cause it was so old. I had a hard time getting the pine cones out of this so I had  my husband help me get them out. Now what to do with it? Any ideas appreciated. The jar with the candles inside ive had for about 8 months or so. I got this at a garage sale for about a dollar. The candles are pretty old, I really dont know how old but they are so large and the wick feels like cotton , not like wicks of today. Last week a old school friend of mine came to visit and we went out to eat together, On the way home we spotted a yard sale so of course we stopped by it! I found these blue delft distillery bottles in the shape of houses for $5.00. I thought I had seen these once on cash in the attic UK episode. I just love these, I would like to get some more of them but whats the odds of finding more of these at another sale? I checked them out on Ebay and im not really into paying what they want for them on there so I havent decided weather I should keep them or sell them. I was wondering if any of you have any of these wire hangers that are in different shapes? I have 3. One in a teddy bear, I hung a crochet dress on him, another one looks shaped like a raggedy doll, and the apple one is holding my great grandmothers rolling pin. I also hung a pair of crochet bloomers on it. If I find anymore of these I will be sure to get them. The week of Christmas I found a oval shaped wreath at the Goodwill for a dollar so I decided to make a primitive one out of it. At the place were I have a booth there was a booth that had alot of these primitive bells, stars and such in there so I bought some of these and made this prim wreath. I am really not happy with the ribbon I had to use for the bow but I can always change it later. Sorry for the ceiling fan chain being in the way in the photo. In the same booth I bought these cute prim candle holders that matches my wreath perfectly. I paid $2.00 for these. The wooden sign you see behind the candles was from the Goodwill as well for .79 cents. I will add a photo of this later for you. Last of all about a month ago I hit a very very neat garage sale. I was so excited because it had alot of Raggedy Ann things there and I am a huge Raggedy Ann lover. Most of these items were Christmas things and I have already put them away but I did leave out this cute cookie jar of Raggedy Ann, that I paid $5.00 for! See she is telling you guys goodbye for now but we will catch you all later! P.S. I noticed Betty Boop had to throw ya a kiss in the Raggedy photo, she just couldnt help herself!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Sale Finds And A Christmas Gift

Funky Doll On A Stick 2.00
Wire Basket With Potholders In It Basket Was .50 Cents
Old Pictures With A Primitive Setting 2.00
Close Up
Close Up
Metal Heart Shaped Primitive Candle Holder 1.00
Metal Tea Light Candle Holder .59 Cents
Snowbaby Riding Polar Bear $4.00
Fox String Holder With Scissors 1.00
Scissors Looks Like He Is Wearing Glasses
Blythe Doll Green Eyes
Blythe Doll Pink Eyes
Blythe Doll Orange Eyes
Blythe Doll Blue Eyes
My Daughters Cat Toby With Large 24" Boyd Bear $1.99 For The Bear Toby Is Saying Purrr I Just Luv This Bear
Well I'm back, I forgot to post some photos of some things I found yesterday and didnt realize it but that's Ok I can go ahead and post them today. At that estate sale I mentioned yesterday I found in the garage this funky little doll on a stick, Lol. He was a half off item so I ended up paying 2.00 for him. I think he would look cute with a larger doll holding it in there hand on display or on a wreath, who knows what I will dream up to do with this. I found this wire basket at a previous sale some time back. It does have a prim look to it but I never knew what to do with it until today. I decided to just put potholders into it because I am tired of the pot holders getting mixed up with my dishrags so there ya go! Oh and just wanted to mention the crochet ones are from a dear christian lady that I know, she has a blog and you may know her but here is her link . I personally know Shelley and she has known me since I was a little girl. I grew up playing with her niece and her niece is a long distance good friend of mine. Here are a couple of pictures I found at Hospice about a month ago, the setting in the pictures looks primitive decorated. Sorry about the quality of the photos. The metal hammered primitive candle holder I found is shaped into a heart and is hand hammered around the edges. It has a loop on the back were you can slip your finger in the loop to hold it. Ive had alot of these twisted candles to decorate candle holders that I find at sales. I purchased 2 whole boxes of red and white twisted candles and some mustard yellow ones at a estate sale maybe a year ago. I dont remember what I paid for them but I will tell you I dont ever over pay for anything! The metal candle holder was a dollar at a garage sale 2 weeks ago. I had to dig into boxes to get it. Everything I own in this house has came from estate or garage sales. Every now and then if im traveling to other towns and see antique shops and such I will stop at those because some folks just dont know what they have. In other words someones trash might be another ones treasure. About a week ago, while at the Goodwill digging in the buggies, I found this metal house with the trees in the front. On the backside you can put a tea light candle into it. I paid .59 cents for this. Oh how I love to dig into the buggies at the Goodwill because this is were the new items that has just been priced are. I said I was a collector of many things and one of these many things are Snowbabies. I just love them but I am so hard headed I will not buy them new no sir, I have to find them at sales. I found one riding a polar bear yesterday at that estate sale. He opens up and is a trinket box and inside the box it says polar express. He was 4.00 after the 50% off discount. I will post pics later of my Snowbabies collection. It isnt that huge because of me not wanting to buy them at stores but thats ok with me I will take them as they come. I found this fox string holder at a sale awhile back. He has a ball of string in the back of him and it comes through this hole in his mouth and if you ever need to tie anything up you just take the scissors that fits into a hole on the top of his nose and cut the string. If you are looking at this cute guy straight the scissors looks like he is wearing a pair of glasses! This was 1.00 and my aunt gave me the ball of string. Well I have tons more to show you but I think I will save some to post for you tomorrow. I do want to show you what my aunt gave me for Christmas yesterday. I have been sick and I didnt want to give it to her so I stayed away until I was well enough to get to exchange gifts with her. Anyone know what a Blythe doll is? Well they made them one year back in 1973 or 72 I think. There is a string behind their head that you pull and their eyes close and open back up to a different eye color. There are 4 different colors. They are very expensive just look them up on Ebay. Well mine is a newer version of the old one but she is still a expensive doll and looks just like my aunt! I was helping my aunt rearrange some dolls in her doll room and said I would like to have the doll if ever she wanted to get rid of her, which I thought was never. But to my surprise my aunt gave her to me, she loves me alot! As you can see im still having trouble posting the photos right were I want them so bear with me. My last photo is a Boyds Bear I found at Hospice for $1.99. They had it dressed in regular kids clothes and I though to myself wow that sure looks like a Boyds Bear so I looked for the tush tag and sure enough there it was! This is a large bear, he is about 24 inches tall. Very nice bear indeed! Opps, Toby , my daughters cat, has decided he likes this bear and he had his paws wrapped around the bears foot so I decided not to disturb Toby and took the photo of the bear the best I could. I would like to thank you for coming to my blog and Lord willing I will be back tomorrow so God Bless you all and goodbye.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

Well I went to garage sales by myself today. There was only 2 in town so I hit them up and headed out of town. I wont post all of my finds because that could take all night! My car is so loaded down when I am done that sometimes I dont get it all unloaded until the next day. Well I went to a couple of estate sales today and at the first one it was 50% off cause it had been running for a couple of days. I found this little primitive basket thats made out of cloth in the garage for a dollar. Well I dont know about how it is were you live but if things are not really important to the person running the estate sale they always put that stuff in the garage. I added some wooden spools into it and it looks very cute! I have another fabric bowl like this but it is huge and I have my little Boyds Bears stashed away in it. The large basket I got 2 weeks ago for a dollar as well. I stopped at the Goodwill on my travels and found this huge brand new Valentines teddy bear for 8.00. I also found this brand new Large heart pillow for 3.00 and this funny large black monkey with kisses on him for 1.99. I planned on putting these into my booth but my daughter snagged the pillow and let me have the stuffed animals to put into the booth, ty Katy! I went to yet another estate sale and purchased this vintage doll or baby dress for 5 bucks. I have a doll in mind to put this on. What caught my eye about this dress is you can tell it was never worn and still had the paper in the sleeves and under the dress, its also tagged Neiman Marcus! Last of all I found this Chenille Bunny Rabbit at a sale early at the wee hours this morning for 5 bucks. I plan on putting it into my booth as well but I see it has a spot on her dress, dont know what it is but I will try to get it out the best I can. This rabbit is very tall measuring in at least 5 feet tall so I had to throw its feet up by the thing for pictures. The detailing is so nice on this rabbit. Its whiskers is some type of frayed rope. You can see the spot on the dress in the close up photos. Oh yea speaking of photos I am so sorry I cannot figure out how to put these in order while im writing about these items but maybe I will get it soon so bear with me. See you tomorrow for a post on what my aunt gave me for Christmas! Goodnight!