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Monday, February 27, 2012

I Won I Won!

Hello all. I just wanted to share a cute little valentine goth bat ornie that I won last week here. He was made by Mary Helen from A Midsummer Night's Dreamer. Go check out her blog, she is talented and makes some of the cutest things. Thank you Mary Helen for your kindness!
He is hanging out with my Snowbaby shelf right above my sewing machine. I think he is adorable!

I found this saltbox a few months ago at a garage sale here in town for $10.00

This weekend I found another saltbox at a local garage sale and this very cute birds nest with eggs for a dollar.

I found the boat shelf at the local Goodwill for 3.99 and these cute stackable wooden boxes with cards painted on them. The shelf has a little clown bank that is cast iron, only .59 cents at the local Goodwill. It is a reproduction though.

I love to collect old feed sacks and I do plan on making things out of some of them one day. These are just a few sacks that I have saved up. I want to make Raggedy Ann dolls vintage looking with maybe these old feed sacks as their dresses.

I went to a sale this weekend that said it was a hoarders yard sale. The lady said her in laws was hoarders and they was cleaning the home out so grab a plastic sack and fill it up for $3.00. Well I dug so much that my back was hurting because this sale was huge! The table cloth was still sealed in plastic and isnt it beautiful? There is crochet and embroidering cross stitches on it. It also came with the placemats.

This was another item I put into the $3.00 bag. It is from 1961 Walt Disney. It also has Mickey mouse on the other side of it but my husband is a Donald Duck lover so I took the picture of him instead.

This hippie sign is very nice. There are little pieces of cut glass pieced together in all different colors. I got alot of nice items from this lady but my living room is very packed with stuff I purchased this past weekend. A elderly guy sold me 2 very nice sewing machines with the user guides for a dollar. One was a Husqvarna and the other was a Singer. Only problem was the reason they was a dollar cause he lost the cords to them in the garage he had packed down like a hoarder lol. But I found them on websites you can buy them. The Husqvarna one is like fifty dollars though! He also sold me a tub full of fabric for twenty dollars. It was very nice, I will have to show you some of the material it had in it. I am still giddy over it all because the Lord sure did bless me this weekend. When I find these items they help me financially for my booth and to sell online. If I can remember I will have to take a photo of my booth to show you, its not as cute as the other booths but I do make money out of it lol. TTFN

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's been awhile since I posted I know. I am still new to this and it's kinda discouraging not knowing how to pretty up my blog and only having a mere 14 followers. Sometimes I wonder if anyone out there is even reading this? I hope so! The pictures on the post is really what's getting me. I want the pictures added in the middle of my describing them but I don't know how to do this. I signed up for a free drawing and won something. I will show you in my next post , it's very cute! I am not in the mood today to deal with the photos, sorry, for the reason mentioned above. I have been finding all kinds of goodies out there and in the process getting rid of things to go into my booth or to sell on eBay or in my garage sale I plan on having soon! Well just wanted to let my 14 followers know that I am alive and haven't given up on the blogging yet. Although I don't know how to attract more followers because I would love to do some giveaways myself! God Bless you all ad have a good evening.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Raggedy Oil Painting & More!

Fabric Hearts and Red Candle Holders
Amish Cloth Rag Dolls
Prim Wooden Cow
Glass Blue Swirl Perfumed Lamp
Raggedy Ann Oil Painting On Canvas
Hello all I hope you arent disappointed in my lack of post but I have been cleaning my home and rearranging some things around here but fear not! I will do a post at least once a week. I would love to do one every other day but I cannot find the time sometimes and thats how it goes for some of us you know? I am on my way to Wed evening childrens church, I mentioned before me and my 17 year old daughter do this every Wed. My husband was off Sat and Sun so he went to garage sales with me Sat and we ended up with a carload! I am sure I wont be able to fit everything we found in this post but here is a teaser to get you started. Oh and by the way I attended another church Sunday and boy did we get fed! It was so wonderful and I am starting to get my joy back again. You guys must have been praying for me and I really ty for doing that it means alot to me really... We attended a sale here in town before we headed out to the bigger city because we only had 2 sales here in town and we were ready to shop! I found these cute fabric hearts for a quarter, the red metal heart candle holders I found for $3.00 as well. I love hearts lately and I think its because of Valentines day. At the same sale I found these Amish couple and the boy lost his hat on the way to the car :( but its ok I will live or make him a new one someday. They was only a dollar. This lady was giving me stuff I swear she gave me a nice ceramic crock pot and I got some Gooseberry recipe books she gave me too! She was a real sweetheart. She also had this prim looking wood cow that was only fifty cents I could not pass him up. That car was so packed when we got done shopping at her sale and I think I only spent like 12.00 or so. The next sale we hit was across the street from hers and I found this lamp with a glass bottom for fifty cents. You put some kind of scented oil into it and light the wick then blow it out and put this metal topper on it and its supposed to scent up your house really well. i was talking to a lady I know and she told me she had one and her husband paid like seventy dollars for it! She is going to give me her scents and things because she doesnt use it anymore and I am giving her a cute candle warmer to swap. We went to an estate sale and my husband grabbed my hand and dragged me into the living area and I saw the sweetest Raggedy Ann oil painting on canvas. This painting is really large and whoever did this done a wonderful job. I was always told to buy oil paintings because they fetch a good price now days. My husband does like to talk people down on prices though and I never stop him! Thats what I love about him he isnt scared to do it but I sure am lol. He doesnt do it with everything but they was asking twenty dollars for the painting and he got it for me for fifteen so good for him right? Well I gotta run and go teach the little ones and I have lots more to show you guys and ty for visiting me. Please leave comments or questions I will answer them all. God Bless!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Overdue Post

Little Miss Revlon 8.00
Little Miss Revlon with Her Big Sister Miss Revlon beside her
Pattern on left is Little Miss Revlon, one on right is 12 inch Shirley Temple
My dollhouse that I painted
12 inch Shirley Temple, White Boyd Bear, A very old brown bear and a Raggedy Ann shaker with 2 Raggedy figures
Heart shaped cloth Basket
Angel Glitter Plaque .79 cents
2 Black Bodice Metal Figures $1.00 each, what are these used for?
Sorry I have taken so long to post but you know how life is. I am sure enjoying your blogs and reading and learning about you and other things. This weekend there wasnt many sales, as there never is during this time of season. I did manage to find somethings though, for instance I love dolls and have a 18 inch Revlon doll I purchased last summer for a dollar. Well I found this Little Miss Revlon for 8 dollars at an estate sale. I normally wouldnt pay that much but they bring about fifty dollars online so I would of bought her anyways lol. Her big sissy is in the pink dress with the cat eye glasses. I have a trunk with alot of doll clothes, shoes parts etc and when I buy a naked doll I dig her up some clothes and shoes. I did order little miss some red heels online and I am looking into making her a dress. The patterns are already purchased, because I love making doll clothes. Can you tell me what dress would you choose to do for little miss? The pattern  on the left is for Miss Revlon, the one on the right is for Shirley Temple 12 inch that I have naked also and needs a dress. I got my pink dollhouse set up into my room now with some dolls on it. What do you think? Meanwhile I went to check on my booth the other day, I do shop while I am there of course and found these 2 little Raggedy Ann & Andy figures both for 7 dollars. I couldnt pass them up because I love Raggedys! "There goes another collection started", my husband would say. At the Goodwill I found another basket made from cloth and its shaped into a heart. I love to put my bears and stuff in the baskets.The basket was 1.99. I also found this glittery Angel Plaque with a cute phrase wrote on it , Weave in faith and God will find the thread. I gave .79 cents for this and it looks so much better in person because it has glitter on it that you cannot see in the picture. I also found, at a sale by my house, these 2 bodice metal figures. I do not know what they are or what their purpose is but for a dollar a piece I didnt pass them up. I found some more treasures as well but will continue next time. My day is running away from me and I need to catch up with it. I look forward to your comments and ideas. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Rusty Thimble

Hello, I am going to make a good long post either tonight or tomorrow but just wanted to say The Rusty Thimble is doing a awesome giveaway so please go check it out! This is the prize and good luck!