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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Special Surprise

My husband told me last Tuesday he was going to take me to a special surprise. I was kinda nervous but I went along with it. The next morning we woke up and got dressed and hit the road. I started seeing Dallas signs, we live about 2 hours away. He drove and drove and all of the sudden i saw this store!

It was The American Girl Store! I love their dolls. He knows this. He made me bring my camera and we walked up to the window.

This was one of their window displays. I have never been to an American Girl Doll store. All my dolls are second hand.

This was another display. I couldnt wait to go inside!

There was a whole bunch of these dolls, they come in different skin color, hair color and eye colors to match one up to look just like you!

I thought this doll favored my aunt.

This is Kit. I have her at home. She is from the 1930's.

This one is Addy, she is from the late 1800's. Her hair was so amazingly soft. I really liked her dress and her look.

This is Julie, she is from 1974.

This is Rebecca, she is Russian. I think she is dressed like a flapper here. I liked her as well.

This one is their newest doll, she is doll on the year. I think her name is McKenna. She is in gymnastics.

This is Molly and her friend Emily from the 40's. I liked the both!

This is Kit and her friend Ruthie from the 30's. Love the clothes! Especially Ruthie.

From the 1800's Marie Grace and Cecile. Marie grace has long amazing hair and her additional outfits that you can purchase are adorable.

We went upstairs and they had a bistro you can eat at and they had a hair salon where you can bring your doll to and they can do their hair and pierce their ears! These are some cheerleaders in a display.

This is a cute display of Kit and her friend doing laundry.

This is Julie from 1974 cooking out. I love her hippie looking dress and hat.

McKenna in a display window, doll of the year!

My husband told me that I could bring one doll home with me. He said to pick anyone of them I wanted. I was born in 1973 and since Julie was from 1974 I decided I wanted to bring her home with me so here she is!

Close up of Julie.

Julie hanging out with her friends! After we left the store we did go to the Bass Pro shop and I took some nice pictures there but I can do it in my next post since this post had tons of pictures. Then we ate out. What a treat. I thought it just showed me how much my husband loves me and he so wanted to please me and he knew I would love going here. I am so lucky and blessed!


  1. Heidi, what a fun trip and so sweet of your hubby , kudos to him ! Love all the dolls ! Enjoy your week and playing with your new friend ! hug s lil raggedy angie

    1. Ty Angie! I know it's crazy to be like this over dolls being 38 years old, lol.

  2. What a darling of a husband you have...that was so sweet of him. I don't know many men who would do that for their wife. I have been wanting to go there with my granddaughters and daughters,but we haven't ventured out to go yet. I plan on bringing a mini Emily home with me if ever I get to go :) Thanks for sharing all the pictures....I would love to spend a day with you sometime....I think we would have some great fun together....blessings dear friend.

    1. Shelley, I would love to hang out with you anytime. I know you was at your moms this past weekend. I'm sorry I didn't come visit. I've been busy with my dad, he had surgery last Monday but he is ok now and back to taking care of himself. Just holler at me when your ready to have a date, I still have your Raggedy doll lol.

  3. Hi Heidi, what a sweet surprise for you, your collection is just precious! You are so blessed to have such a caring hubby! I've been to the American Girl Store in Chicago with my daughters, so much fun. Thank you for sharing your pics, what a great reminder, there's still a little girl in all of us! Hugs, Pam

    1. Ty for the sweet note Pam. Since you have been to a American Doll store then you know how exciting it is. I am truly blessed. I would give it all up for my Lord if he wanted me to. Blessings to you and yours.

  4. Now that's romantic! Give that man a pat on the back for me. Mine is doing so much better at the romance part himself. You sure know your dollies. I didn't get dollies when I was little, just a couple hand me downs. Like you, now, I love them too.

  5. Thanks Carol I will tell him. He enjoyed it as well because he wants to take me back sometime soon! I collect dolls because I never got them growing up so I completely understand.