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Monday, February 27, 2012

I Won I Won!

Hello all. I just wanted to share a cute little valentine goth bat ornie that I won last week here. He was made by Mary Helen from A Midsummer Night's Dreamer. Go check out her blog, she is talented and makes some of the cutest things. Thank you Mary Helen for your kindness!
He is hanging out with my Snowbaby shelf right above my sewing machine. I think he is adorable!

I found this saltbox a few months ago at a garage sale here in town for $10.00

This weekend I found another saltbox at a local garage sale and this very cute birds nest with eggs for a dollar.

I found the boat shelf at the local Goodwill for 3.99 and these cute stackable wooden boxes with cards painted on them. The shelf has a little clown bank that is cast iron, only .59 cents at the local Goodwill. It is a reproduction though.

I love to collect old feed sacks and I do plan on making things out of some of them one day. These are just a few sacks that I have saved up. I want to make Raggedy Ann dolls vintage looking with maybe these old feed sacks as their dresses.

I went to a sale this weekend that said it was a hoarders yard sale. The lady said her in laws was hoarders and they was cleaning the home out so grab a plastic sack and fill it up for $3.00. Well I dug so much that my back was hurting because this sale was huge! The table cloth was still sealed in plastic and isnt it beautiful? There is crochet and embroidering cross stitches on it. It also came with the placemats.

This was another item I put into the $3.00 bag. It is from 1961 Walt Disney. It also has Mickey mouse on the other side of it but my husband is a Donald Duck lover so I took the picture of him instead.

This hippie sign is very nice. There are little pieces of cut glass pieced together in all different colors. I got alot of nice items from this lady but my living room is very packed with stuff I purchased this past weekend. A elderly guy sold me 2 very nice sewing machines with the user guides for a dollar. One was a Husqvarna and the other was a Singer. Only problem was the reason they was a dollar cause he lost the cords to them in the garage he had packed down like a hoarder lol. But I found them on websites you can buy them. The Husqvarna one is like fifty dollars though! He also sold me a tub full of fabric for twenty dollars. It was very nice, I will have to show you some of the material it had in it. I am still giddy over it all because the Lord sure did bless me this weekend. When I find these items they help me financially for my booth and to sell online. If I can remember I will have to take a photo of my booth to show you, its not as cute as the other booths but I do make money out of it lol. TTFN

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  1. You found some nice stuff Heidi...I love the feed sack material. I bet that bag sale was a lot of fun....blessings