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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Raggedy Oil Painting & More!

Fabric Hearts and Red Candle Holders
Amish Cloth Rag Dolls
Prim Wooden Cow
Glass Blue Swirl Perfumed Lamp
Raggedy Ann Oil Painting On Canvas
Hello all I hope you arent disappointed in my lack of post but I have been cleaning my home and rearranging some things around here but fear not! I will do a post at least once a week. I would love to do one every other day but I cannot find the time sometimes and thats how it goes for some of us you know? I am on my way to Wed evening childrens church, I mentioned before me and my 17 year old daughter do this every Wed. My husband was off Sat and Sun so he went to garage sales with me Sat and we ended up with a carload! I am sure I wont be able to fit everything we found in this post but here is a teaser to get you started. Oh and by the way I attended another church Sunday and boy did we get fed! It was so wonderful and I am starting to get my joy back again. You guys must have been praying for me and I really ty for doing that it means alot to me really... We attended a sale here in town before we headed out to the bigger city because we only had 2 sales here in town and we were ready to shop! I found these cute fabric hearts for a quarter, the red metal heart candle holders I found for $3.00 as well. I love hearts lately and I think its because of Valentines day. At the same sale I found these Amish couple and the boy lost his hat on the way to the car :( but its ok I will live or make him a new one someday. They was only a dollar. This lady was giving me stuff I swear she gave me a nice ceramic crock pot and I got some Gooseberry recipe books she gave me too! She was a real sweetheart. She also had this prim looking wood cow that was only fifty cents I could not pass him up. That car was so packed when we got done shopping at her sale and I think I only spent like 12.00 or so. The next sale we hit was across the street from hers and I found this lamp with a glass bottom for fifty cents. You put some kind of scented oil into it and light the wick then blow it out and put this metal topper on it and its supposed to scent up your house really well. i was talking to a lady I know and she told me she had one and her husband paid like seventy dollars for it! She is going to give me her scents and things because she doesnt use it anymore and I am giving her a cute candle warmer to swap. We went to an estate sale and my husband grabbed my hand and dragged me into the living area and I saw the sweetest Raggedy Ann oil painting on canvas. This painting is really large and whoever did this done a wonderful job. I was always told to buy oil paintings because they fetch a good price now days. My husband does like to talk people down on prices though and I never stop him! Thats what I love about him he isnt scared to do it but I sure am lol. He doesnt do it with everything but they was asking twenty dollars for the painting and he got it for me for fifteen so good for him right? Well I gotta run and go teach the little ones and I have lots more to show you guys and ty for visiting me. Please leave comments or questions I will answer them all. God Bless!


  1. I am excited about coming to see you..Monday may be Betty's best day..I will let you know. You make your garage sale outings sound
    like so much fun...I love that are right..some one did a great job. Another Raggedy Ann fan..I'm sure :)

  2. Oh yes,I meant to mention..I love your header picture and background. Looks great!

  3. Ty Shelley, my husband did it for me. I am still learning and we do have alot of fun garaging. I am going with him tomorrow and can't wait! Just let me know if y'all decide to come Monday and Ty or the post.