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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

Well I went to garage sales by myself today. There was only 2 in town so I hit them up and headed out of town. I wont post all of my finds because that could take all night! My car is so loaded down when I am done that sometimes I dont get it all unloaded until the next day. Well I went to a couple of estate sales today and at the first one it was 50% off cause it had been running for a couple of days. I found this little primitive basket thats made out of cloth in the garage for a dollar. Well I dont know about how it is were you live but if things are not really important to the person running the estate sale they always put that stuff in the garage. I added some wooden spools into it and it looks very cute! I have another fabric bowl like this but it is huge and I have my little Boyds Bears stashed away in it. The large basket I got 2 weeks ago for a dollar as well. I stopped at the Goodwill on my travels and found this huge brand new Valentines teddy bear for 8.00. I also found this brand new Large heart pillow for 3.00 and this funny large black monkey with kisses on him for 1.99. I planned on putting these into my booth but my daughter snagged the pillow and let me have the stuffed animals to put into the booth, ty Katy! I went to yet another estate sale and purchased this vintage doll or baby dress for 5 bucks. I have a doll in mind to put this on. What caught my eye about this dress is you can tell it was never worn and still had the paper in the sleeves and under the dress, its also tagged Neiman Marcus! Last of all I found this Chenille Bunny Rabbit at a sale early at the wee hours this morning for 5 bucks. I plan on putting it into my booth as well but I see it has a spot on her dress, dont know what it is but I will try to get it out the best I can. This rabbit is very tall measuring in at least 5 feet tall so I had to throw its feet up by the thing for pictures. The detailing is so nice on this rabbit. Its whiskers is some type of frayed rope. You can see the spot on the dress in the close up photos. Oh yea speaking of photos I am so sorry I cannot figure out how to put these in order while im writing about these items but maybe I will get it soon so bear with me. See you tomorrow for a post on what my aunt gave me for Christmas! Goodnight!


  1. So happy you started a blog...I love all your really made a haul :) The sweet baby dress is my favorite though...I love it! Your blog looks great...When posting your pictures...just clink in between them and push enter to create space to type in....if you have any questions..just ask...I will help you in anyway I can. Also,I will mention you as a newcomer on my blog and leave a link. Have a blessed Lord's day Heidi and welcome to blogland :)

  2. Welcome to blogland. Thanks for signing up for my giveaway and becoming a follower. I am now following you and will mention you on my next blog post. Like the basket you picked up. I love rummaging and going to estate sales too.
    Good luck with your blog.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

    1. Oh Ty Becky I like to make rag dolls as well, I Ty for following and mentioning my blog. You sure are talented! As soon asI find out how to put your blog on my side bar I will do so. I have a few over there but forgot how I did it lol. ty again! Heidi