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Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Anthony!

Well today is my youngest kids birthday. He is 16 today so Happy Birthday Anthony. He is a character. He loves to joke around and he is so funny. We just had a small party with a oreo blizzard cake from Dairy Queen. It was really good! As some of you dont know I have 3 children. Chris is my oldest, he is 18 years old and is going to CNA classes. He wants to be a nurse. Katy is my middle child, she is 16 just like Anthony. No they arent twins but she will be turning 17 next week exactly 1 week from today. And Anthony is the baby and as I said he is 16 today. I didnt get to go garage sales today because there wasnt any in town today. Us Texans arent used to 20 degree weather! If there isnt any going on for tomorrow in town then Im going to head to bigger city 30 miles away to try to hit some up. Well Im going to try to post my first photo of the birthday boy acting like a clown so lets see if this goes well.

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