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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Late Birthday Post And Some Other Things

Katy With Her First Doll When She Was One
Old Rusty Wagon Full Of Books
Jar Of Fresh Honey & Grandmaws Egg Platter
Dollhouse Before Painting
Repainted Dollhouse Shelf
A Late Happy 17th birthday to my middle child Katy! Her Birthday was Friday the 20th. God im getting old! I now have a 16, 17 & 18 year old! Soon they will all fly the coop, then what will I do? That outfit that the doll is wearing is what Katy wore when she came home from the hospital. You can tell she is very excited about me making her pose with her doll lol! On another note I am a cross stitcher and I have alot of hardcover cross stitch books. I dont have enough bookshelf room for them so what I did is put them into a old rusty wagon my husband brought home one day. I thought to myself, what in the world will I do with that piece of junk? Well I saw on pintrest that someone did this and I couldnt get that rusty old wagon in this house from sitting out in the weather fast enough! lol! My daughter came home from school the other day with a jar of honey she purchased from one of the teachers. I was so excited! I had to take a picture of it, I dont know why! The egg platter was my grandmothers. I only display it, it has a hen on top of it. The reason why I havent posted in a day or two is because I had purchased a lovely wood dollhouse shelf at an auction for 25.00. The roof was green and it was white with stains on it. You noticed I said was.... The shelf is about 4 foot tall. I painted the roof a matte black and the pink is called fairytale pink. I will post more photos when I get it put in my room filled with dolls. Let me know what you think. Is it too gaudy? I respect all of your opinions and I ty so much for listening to me get things off my chest. May the Lord give you a blessing.

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  1. Heidi,I don't know how I missed this post...but,glad I popped to in to see you. I will be praying that the Holy Spirit guide you concerning the situation you mentioned. A belated Happy Birthday to your sweet she still has her first doll. The wagon and books was a great idea. Keep blogging and don't give up...its take a while to establish a good following...Lots of folks come by but,don't comment. I will be a faithful follower. Blessings