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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Dreary Day And A Good Movie

Sweet Primitive Angel Candle Box .59 Cents
Backside Of Candle Box. Its Marked Primitives By Kathy.
Old Hazel Atlas Mason Jar .79 Cents
Old Birthday Candles In A Jar $1.00
Blue Delft Holland Houses $5.00
Wire Hangers Of Various Types
Prim Wreath That I Made
Cute Prim Candle Holders, Note The Rusty Stars
Raggedy Ann says Goodbye Friends! Cookie Jar $5.00
Well Im back, so sorry I didnt make a post yesterday but it was my husbands day off and he took me out to eat and we just rode around together. Of course I hit the Goodwill and a couple of other places but I didnt find anything. Ive tried to get picky with what I buy but when I do this and end up not buying anything for awhile I go into complete, as my aunt calls it, DESPERATION MODE! The first sale I hit, if I havent been in a week, I just buy buy buy!  When I get home and see what I bought I think, what in the world was I thinking! Do you know what I do with my unwanted things? Well , most of the time I put them into a box and throw it into my dads garage and in the summertime I have a huge yard sale! Sometimes I can even mark the item up a few cents or even dollars and make money off of it that way. But first I either try to put it in my booth to sale or on Ebay.  If that doesnt work to the garage it goes! Today is a overcast day, and no this doesnt bother me, as a matter if fact I like it overcast. I am watching the North and South series with Patrick Swazey, if you havent seen it its very long but very good. I want to share with you this cute prim angel wooden box. I put a Yankee candle inside of it and it looks very very cute. I got this at the Goodwill about a month ago for .59 cents. Last week I found this large nice Hazel Atlas Mason jar in the Goodwill buggy for .79 cents. It was filled with pine cones and potpourri but it was not very good smelling cause it was so old. I had a hard time getting the pine cones out of this so I had  my husband help me get them out. Now what to do with it? Any ideas appreciated. The jar with the candles inside ive had for about 8 months or so. I got this at a garage sale for about a dollar. The candles are pretty old, I really dont know how old but they are so large and the wick feels like cotton , not like wicks of today. Last week a old school friend of mine came to visit and we went out to eat together, On the way home we spotted a yard sale so of course we stopped by it! I found these blue delft distillery bottles in the shape of houses for $5.00. I thought I had seen these once on cash in the attic UK episode. I just love these, I would like to get some more of them but whats the odds of finding more of these at another sale? I checked them out on Ebay and im not really into paying what they want for them on there so I havent decided weather I should keep them or sell them. I was wondering if any of you have any of these wire hangers that are in different shapes? I have 3. One in a teddy bear, I hung a crochet dress on him, another one looks shaped like a raggedy doll, and the apple one is holding my great grandmothers rolling pin. I also hung a pair of crochet bloomers on it. If I find anymore of these I will be sure to get them. The week of Christmas I found a oval shaped wreath at the Goodwill for a dollar so I decided to make a primitive one out of it. At the place were I have a booth there was a booth that had alot of these primitive bells, stars and such in there so I bought some of these and made this prim wreath. I am really not happy with the ribbon I had to use for the bow but I can always change it later. Sorry for the ceiling fan chain being in the way in the photo. In the same booth I bought these cute prim candle holders that matches my wreath perfectly. I paid $2.00 for these. The wooden sign you see behind the candles was from the Goodwill as well for .79 cents. I will add a photo of this later for you. Last of all about a month ago I hit a very very neat garage sale. I was so excited because it had alot of Raggedy Ann things there and I am a huge Raggedy Ann lover. Most of these items were Christmas things and I have already put them away but I did leave out this cute cookie jar of Raggedy Ann, that I paid $5.00 for! See she is telling you guys goodbye for now but we will catch you all later! P.S. I noticed Betty Boop had to throw ya a kiss in the Raggedy photo, she just couldnt help herself!


  1. I love what you have shared today...and you did a wonderful job on your wreath. I especially like the primitive candle rings and the Ann cookie jar of course :) Blessings Heidi...we need to get together sometime....when you are up for it...let me know and we can make plans.

    1. Yes I'd like to get together and I will ask my husband when are his days off so that we can plan it. He moved to a different truck today and his days off will vary now. I will get back to you on this.

  2. Love your blog Heidi. Thanks for entering my giveaway and joining my blog, Valerie