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Thursday, January 19, 2012

More About Me & My Family

John Boy & Mary Ellen Look At John Boys Mole! Love It!
Grandpaw & Grandmaw
Olivia & John
The Waltons Dolls Bought At Garage Sale $2.00 For All Of Them
Pumpkin From The Goodwill Yesterday .59 Cents
Breyer horses On Top Shelf I Have A Buffalo And Bull,  Pigs Also!
I Put My Mini Cross Stitch Stuff In It
Goodwill Find Yesterday .79 Cents
Large Raggedy 10.00 Note Dogs Hiney In Photo
Raggedy Ann Pillow .79 Cents
My Newest Boyd Holding Her Lil Raggedy
My Bookshelf With My Amish Books And Christian Books
Boyds Bears With Their Raggedy's
Good afternoon! I am just sitting here thinking ive noticed how much in common I have with most of my followers. Down to the cross stitching, dolls, prim stuff, etc. Well I said I do have many collections. I also have a Boyds Bear collection, I am picky about what ones I bring home though. If I bought every Boyd I saw at a sale we would be in trouble. The ones I really like are the ones holding  Raggedys, or have the gingham look to them. I do have several large ones that are so cute as well. I also like to read Beverly Lewis books or Wanda Brunsetter books. Any Amish stories I love and I like Amish things and very interested in that culture. I like to read christian books as well and I like Beth Moore and other woman christian speakers as well. I go to a Baptist church but I was raised Assembly Of God. I try not to label myself as anything but a follower of Jesus Christ and I go by the Bible not by religious ways that do not pretain to the Bible. I feel I had to say this because I just jumped onto blogging making you guys think all I do is garage sale and hoard but thats not the case. I teach prek and k Wed evening church class and my 16 year old daughter helps me. I am very much a loner, I dont really know if its by choice but I do not have friends come over, not by choice either. I do talk to other ladies at church and I am a social person but I just do what I have to everyday and go on to the next. Me and my husband have been married for 17 years and he is a truck driver. He is home everyday and I am so glad for this. My oldest son is 18 and he is going to school for nursing, my daughter will be 17 tomorrow and she is into theater and band, and my youngest child is 16 and he is a very kind hearted boy that isnt like most kids his age and is a loner like me! I live in East Texas in a old frame house that has vinyl siding on it but it doesnt help trust me! Our house is very cold in the winter and it isnt too bad in the summer. Sometimes when I open the cabinets in the kitchen to get a pot or pan out I can feel the wind blowing under there! All of the back rooms stay pretty cold but we have electric blankets and things to keep us warm. I am just grateful I have a roof over my head so this doesnt bother me to bad cause it could be worse! One day maybe God will bless us to move to the country, this is our hope. My house isnt super clean but it is tidy enough, I used to be a clean freak but gave up when the kids turned into teenagers. I am 38 years old and I do stay at home, I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 7 years ago, this is caused from psoriasis. I got this in my early 20's. Right now I have a severe outbreak because I had to quit taking my medication due to my liver levels or something to that effect. I like to hunt and fish with my husband and boy does he like the garage sales like me! I am blessed in this part I should say! I like to watch the Waltons and Andy Griffith, shows like that. I feel like I am in a older womans body sometimes because I get along alot better with older women. Well, I think ive covered as much as im comfortable without telling you my blood type n such LOL! I think I said it before but i like Raggedy Ann! I also had a Strawberry Shortcake collection as a child but our house burned down and I lost all of my toys. I do have a small collection of them that I will post one day. My great grandfather had some Breyer horses that he had when I was a kid. He died and the family gave them to my brother, he never cared for them and threw them in a closet. One day I saw them and asked my grandmother could I have them and she said yes so when I come across a Breyer at a sale I get it. I like to sew as well and Ive made doll clothes and Raggedys, I will show you a picture another day. Well The Waltons are coming on so see you later alligator!


  1. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself Heidi ...some things I didn't know...I think you and I are both old souls...I have always been known to hang with the older crowd...their stories and lives always seem so much more interesting to me :) Young or old....I have kindred spirits...we have much in common and share many of the same interest. Kind of like you and I :)
    I love the pictures you shared with us today....

  2. Nice to meet you Heidi. Thanks for visiting my blog today and becoming a follower. I am following you now too. You sure find some interesting things at yard sales. We don't have very good ones here. Look forward to seeing more of your finds.