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Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Sale Finds And A Christmas Gift

Funky Doll On A Stick 2.00
Wire Basket With Potholders In It Basket Was .50 Cents
Old Pictures With A Primitive Setting 2.00
Close Up
Close Up
Metal Heart Shaped Primitive Candle Holder 1.00
Metal Tea Light Candle Holder .59 Cents
Snowbaby Riding Polar Bear $4.00
Fox String Holder With Scissors 1.00
Scissors Looks Like He Is Wearing Glasses
Blythe Doll Green Eyes
Blythe Doll Pink Eyes
Blythe Doll Orange Eyes
Blythe Doll Blue Eyes
My Daughters Cat Toby With Large 24" Boyd Bear $1.99 For The Bear Toby Is Saying Purrr I Just Luv This Bear
Well I'm back, I forgot to post some photos of some things I found yesterday and didnt realize it but that's Ok I can go ahead and post them today. At that estate sale I mentioned yesterday I found in the garage this funky little doll on a stick, Lol. He was a half off item so I ended up paying 2.00 for him. I think he would look cute with a larger doll holding it in there hand on display or on a wreath, who knows what I will dream up to do with this. I found this wire basket at a previous sale some time back. It does have a prim look to it but I never knew what to do with it until today. I decided to just put potholders into it because I am tired of the pot holders getting mixed up with my dishrags so there ya go! Oh and just wanted to mention the crochet ones are from a dear christian lady that I know, she has a blog and you may know her but here is her link . I personally know Shelley and she has known me since I was a little girl. I grew up playing with her niece and her niece is a long distance good friend of mine. Here are a couple of pictures I found at Hospice about a month ago, the setting in the pictures looks primitive decorated. Sorry about the quality of the photos. The metal hammered primitive candle holder I found is shaped into a heart and is hand hammered around the edges. It has a loop on the back were you can slip your finger in the loop to hold it. Ive had alot of these twisted candles to decorate candle holders that I find at sales. I purchased 2 whole boxes of red and white twisted candles and some mustard yellow ones at a estate sale maybe a year ago. I dont remember what I paid for them but I will tell you I dont ever over pay for anything! The metal candle holder was a dollar at a garage sale 2 weeks ago. I had to dig into boxes to get it. Everything I own in this house has came from estate or garage sales. Every now and then if im traveling to other towns and see antique shops and such I will stop at those because some folks just dont know what they have. In other words someones trash might be another ones treasure. About a week ago, while at the Goodwill digging in the buggies, I found this metal house with the trees in the front. On the backside you can put a tea light candle into it. I paid .59 cents for this. Oh how I love to dig into the buggies at the Goodwill because this is were the new items that has just been priced are. I said I was a collector of many things and one of these many things are Snowbabies. I just love them but I am so hard headed I will not buy them new no sir, I have to find them at sales. I found one riding a polar bear yesterday at that estate sale. He opens up and is a trinket box and inside the box it says polar express. He was 4.00 after the 50% off discount. I will post pics later of my Snowbabies collection. It isnt that huge because of me not wanting to buy them at stores but thats ok with me I will take them as they come. I found this fox string holder at a sale awhile back. He has a ball of string in the back of him and it comes through this hole in his mouth and if you ever need to tie anything up you just take the scissors that fits into a hole on the top of his nose and cut the string. If you are looking at this cute guy straight the scissors looks like he is wearing a pair of glasses! This was 1.00 and my aunt gave me the ball of string. Well I have tons more to show you but I think I will save some to post for you tomorrow. I do want to show you what my aunt gave me for Christmas yesterday. I have been sick and I didnt want to give it to her so I stayed away until I was well enough to get to exchange gifts with her. Anyone know what a Blythe doll is? Well they made them one year back in 1973 or 72 I think. There is a string behind their head that you pull and their eyes close and open back up to a different eye color. There are 4 different colors. They are very expensive just look them up on Ebay. Well mine is a newer version of the old one but she is still a expensive doll and looks just like my aunt! I was helping my aunt rearrange some dolls in her doll room and said I would like to have the doll if ever she wanted to get rid of her, which I thought was never. But to my surprise my aunt gave her to me, she loves me alot! As you can see im still having trouble posting the photos right were I want them so bear with me. My last photo is a Boyds Bear I found at Hospice for $1.99. They had it dressed in regular kids clothes and I though to myself wow that sure looks like a Boyds Bear so I looked for the tush tag and sure enough there it was! This is a large bear, he is about 24 inches tall. Very nice bear indeed! Opps, Toby , my daughters cat, has decided he likes this bear and he had his paws wrapped around the bears foot so I decided not to disturb Toby and took the photo of the bear the best I could. I would like to thank you for coming to my blog and Lord willing I will be back tomorrow so God Bless you all and goodbye.


  1. Hi, welcome to blogging. I just became your newest follower, you definitely found some good bargains. I love your cat, I had one that looked just yours, we had him for 13 years and I still miss him. I do not sell patterns, only the finished items, I can give you the name of designer, if you like. Thanks for stopping by. Cyndy

    1. Cyndy were do I go to buy your dolls? I would love to buy one just as well as making it so I'm fine with purchasing one. ty!

  2. I am having so much fun visiting you and seeing all your goodies...keep it up Heidi...this blog is going to became a favorite of many....I am certain. That Blythe doll is pretty neat...I remember them from when I was a child...but,can't remember if I ever had one. You are right though..they are in high demand right now and are fetching some high prices on Ebay as well as other sites. Your potholders look nice in that basket. Thanks for mentioning are such a sweet girl...I am hoping we can become even closer friends. Blessings

  3. Shelley I'm having fun doing the blog, Ty for giving me the idea. Yours is definently my one of my favorites. I think about you often and you are a encouraging lady to me. Keep up the good work Shelley. I want you to come see me very soon, Im trying to get my house clean lol, I have 3 messy teenagers and they keep me on myt toes. Maybe you and Betty can cmeand we will eat lunch together. I need to knw what Betty likes because I want to have her a gift as well so she won't feel left out. Bless you Shelley!

  4. Heidi Thanks for being a follower on my blog! I added you and LOVE your blog I will be back to visit to see all your goodies you find! Such great Treasuries!

    1. Ty Donna! So glad your checking out my blog!